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Most Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers are not large like the ones you see on the nature programs on T.V.. The majority of us run out of our homes and backyards. We do it with no Federal or State funding. We do it out of love for nature. We are some of the Division of Wildlife’s most important volunteers; we do thousands of hours a year. Funding our facilities is our duty. Our education is our responsibility also. In most states you need to be licensed by the state and at times also the Federal Government. This is for the critter’s well being, because he then goes to someone trained to handle that species.

It takes long hours and lots of money (which you don’t have). In one day you’ll be shown something amazing, and then come face to face with death. The best paycheck ever is successfully releasing that critter back into the wild. Which is good, for there is no glory in cleaning up piles and piles of manure. It’s strictly for the love of these animals. They are all part of our eco system. You shoot all the coyotes, and then you have population problems with species they consume, such as the cottontails or gophers.

What we do as Wildlife Rehabbers is to try to help keep the balance between man and wildlife. Almost everything we get in is because of a kind of human conflict. As we move further and further into”critter land” we will have a growing number of conflicts with nature, your backyard is that raccoon’s back yard also. Education is our key. We just need to learn to co-exist, not take over but co-exist. If everything in nature has its own place, and it has learned to co-exist except for us, well why? Why do we want to modify the behavior of everything so as to get along with it? As Wildlife Rehabilitators we need to be sensitive to that animal or birds needs. This is the reason if you find wildlife in trouble call your local licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. They have been trained to help. We can all pitch in together with the preservation of our own backyards. And if we are really really lucky, we get to see that critter return into the wild and live as it was intended. That is a job well done! And it takes us all.

Cars get hot

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Never leave your pets in a parked car, not even for a moment. Not even with the car running and air conditioner on. On a warm day, temperatures inside a vehicle can grow rapidly to dangerous levels. Within an 85-degree day, by way of instance, the temperature inside a car with the windows opened slightly can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes. Your pet may undergo irreversible organ damage or die.

As someone who lives in a small coastal city in the Pacific Northwest, I know that probably 5 out of 10 people in the region drive around with their 4 legged friends riding shotgun. We’re usually cool enough for our pets to be safe but as summer is fast speeding up on us we will need to consider how the increasing temperature can put our pets into danger.

It important to consider the humidity and not simply the ambient temperature. Animals pant to evaporate moisture from their lungs, which takes heat away from their body. If the humidity is too high, they are unable to cool themselves, and their temperature will skyrocket to dangerous levels-very quickly. So in areas with higher humidity always think about this when deciding if your pet can go for a ride with you or not.

Adjust intensity and duration of exercise in accordance with the temperature. On very hot days, limit exercise to early morning or evening hours, and be particularly careful with pets with white-colored ears, who are more vulnerable to skin cancer, and short-nosed pets, who typically have trouble breathing. Asphalt gets very hot and can burn your pet’s paws, so walk your dog on the grass if possible. Always carry water with you to keep your dog from dehydrating

Pets respond differently to heat than humans do. (Dogs, for instance, sweat primarily through their toes.) So don’t rely on lovers they don’t cool off pets as efficiently as they do people.

Any time your pet is outdoors, make sure he or she has protection from heat and sunlight and plenty of clean, cold water. In heat waves, add ice to water when possible. Tree color and tarps are ideal because they don’t block air flow. A doghouse doesn’t provide relief from heat-in fact, it makes it worse. Always make sure your pet has a place to get out of the sun either under a tree or under a tarp covered area to be certain they don’t get overheated.

When you have to give up your pet

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It can be frustrating and hurtful some days scrolling down Facebook and reading banners with odes to animals, poetry to animals like”I will keep you forever, I will never leave you at an animal shelter. My commitment to you will never perish.” There’s another banner showing a picture of a dog driving the car, and his owner operating behind the car and it says something to the effect.” That’s what you get for dumping me in the animal shelter.”

Once in a while, I will read comments from people when they see a post of a”pitiful looking dog staring at a shelter wall”. The article calling out for someone on FB to rescue this poor dog. The comments from individuals, many are in judgement of the men and women who dropped the dog off will say”how do they do this”,”how can someone be so cruel.”

And I ask myself what do they believe an animal shelter is for? If we’re going to have animals as pets, there will remain animal shelters. I worked for the Marin Humane Society for a little over five years. It was exhausting at times receiving animals over the counter. Initially, I did get frustrated with people, because I was still young. I did not have much life experience. I was quick to judge.

One day, two men walked to the shelter and placed a small lap dog on top of the counter. I set my incoming form on the counter, grabbed a pen, did not look up and started asking them the list of questions on the form when pushing to them the”owner surrender questionnaire”. I started reciting our policy making sure to repeat the euthanasia policy over at least three times to be certain they got it. Again, never looking up.

Finally, after a few minutes, one of the men asked me”he will not get put to sleep, right. He is very adoptable. People want small dogs.” Again, I didn’t look the dog owner in the eye, I just recited the euthanasia policy. And than he said”where’s Carol. We talked to Carol and she said everything would be okay, our dog wouldn’t be murdered.”

I will stop here and say that the puppy was quite cute and it was 99.9% sure, this dog would be adopted in Marin in a snap.

At this point, I was embarrassed. I didn’t want Carol to step in. I realized I had screwed up and I was not really taking a look at the reality of the situation. I had been in judgement over both of these good looking, affluent looking guys and wasn’t seeing their heart.

I finally looked into their eyes. “I’m so sorry. Give me another chance to help you. Yes, your dog is cute and his odds of being put to sleep are next to nothing unless he got really really sick and we could not treat him.”

One of the men, let out a huge sigh and smiled at me. “I’m so happy Janet. Thank you. This is so hard for me. I have AIDS and I am going into hospice. I wish to make sure my little dog gets a great home.”

And I don’t need to tell you what kind of lesson that taught me twenty six years old. After I filled out the paperwork, I found Carol and handed her sweet little dog.

When I was losing my farm, I had to rehome animals. They were bonded. When I was living on the ranch in Lake County, I needed to return my pony back to the rescue I adopted him from. I was so broke I knew I wouldn’t be able to provide him proper trimming and the sort of feed he needed to prevent founder. I loved him. I cried when I walked him to the trailer that picked him up from me. Years later, I contacted the woman who adopted him to ask for a picture since I wanted to write a story about him. I wanted a picture to remember him by. All my pictures have been lost and destroyed from the past. She didn’t respond to my message. I think she read the note, since it reveals”seen” on messenger on Facebook. . I won’t write her again. I really don’t want to make someone feel uncomfortable. I’ll miss having a picture of”Little Eddie” to remind me of who he was and who he is and my love for him.

Lately, I had been sharing a cup of coffee with a friend of mine and she was telling me how she needed to spend a year on a plan to put her horses and her other creatures because she had to leave a relationship that was unhealthy for her. She cried on the way to work back and forth on her commute everyday for a year knowing she’d have to perform it. So much pain, so much sorrow people carry in silence.

People’s lives change. They suffer losses. They lose rentals that allowed animals and cannot find new ones which do. Folks get sick. Folks die. Folks realize they really can not look after a dog, a horse, a cat. People lose their jobs and can not afford feed, vet care, or training.

People give up animals for many reasons.

Adopting a pet

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Thinking of owning a puppy that wags its tails and runs to you joyfully at your every beck and call? Or, thinking of getting that cute little ball of fur called a kitten running about playfully in your home? Thinking about visiting the nearby pet shop to purchase one? Stop your pet search then and there, and think,”Why should I spend money on purchasing a pet when I have the option of adopting one?”

Makes sense, right?

Well, as you may see, besides saving your dollars, adopting a pet includes tons of other advantages.

1. As stated earlier, pets for adoption normally cost less than those offered for sale in pet stores.
2. A pet available for adoption may have already been trained to respond to basic commands like come, sit, go, etc., and hence it reduces the trouble of training them from scratch.
3. Pets available for sale in pet shops are reared for the purpose of selling, keeping profit in mind as opposed to the health of the pets and are consequently, frequently sick and behaviorally troubled. Pets for adoption aren’t reared for commercial purposes. Ever since, before being available for adoption, they had an owner who took good care of them, they are generally healthy and well behaved.
4. Pets for adoption come in every size, age, breed, and color and so you get a wider variety to select from.
5. Most pet shop owners keep the animals in horrible conditions and the elderly female animals are treated as breeding machines. They’ve no real concern for these animals. Without buying from them, you can feel self righteous as you haven’t given them a dime.
6. So you do not have to accept the extra job of getting them vaccinated.
7. By adopting a pet, not only are you giving it a house, but also you are helping provide shelter to another homeless animal which will be taken in, in place of the animal you have adopted.
8. Having an animal for a pet has been found to be psychologically and emotionally beneficial to their own companions. Not only this. The feeling you’ve saved an animal by adopting it also provides you self-satisfaction and makes you feel proud of yourself.
10. Last of all, you can brag on your social circles about having adopted a pet!

Now that you’re convinced about the benefits of adopting a pet, make a pet search online and discover the closest pet shelter from which you can embrace your pet.

Information about cinnamon

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We must go back up to year 3000 BC to find the first traces of cinnamon in Egypt, where it was used to embalm the dead.

Cinnamon comes from an Island in the East, known as Sri Lanka, and it was introduced in the Western world thanks to the Arabs. The specific origins of cinnamon didn’t became clear until the Middle Ages. Until then, mythical tales encompassed this amazing spice. According to a lot of classical roman authors for example, cinnamon grew around a lake protected by colossal birds. Whoever wanted to take it, would have to discover a way to mislead them.

In the Middle Ages, Arabs were no longer the only ones to market cinnamon from the Western world. Spice trade gained a massive political and economical role. One of the original goals of Columbus’ journey, that ended up with the discovery of America, was to expand the trade routes to the East.

Venice started to buy cinnamon in the Arabs and became the sole trader in Europe. This monopoly lasted until 1505, when Portugal discovered Sri Lanka (Ceylon), a goldmine for cinnamon. They were defeated by the Dutch one hundred years after.

Nowadays Cinnamon is cultivated in several countries, like India, Brazil and Vietnam to name a couple, although Sri Lanka still produces 90% of cinnamon.

In spite of all of the political and historical changes, the methods by that cinnamon can be used remain the same: as a medicament, in the kitchen, and more recently to keep away insects.

Are you pregnant?

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The first signs of pregnancy being talked about here are much before the fifth week when the first menstrual period is missed. Yes, there are other signs of pregnancy that could indicate towards a woman having successfully guessed.

The breasts getting tender and a bloated stomach is also an early sign of pregnancy. As these pregnancy symptoms are similar to what occurs before the phases it can be confusing. Women also begin to urinate more frequently a week or so after having conceived. The body temperature may also go up after conceiving. This pregnancy symptom occurs due to ovulation. This symptom continues almost until the time when the next period is expected.


Pink or brown spotting similar to the start of menstrual periods during this period is one of early signs of pregnancy. The discharge a significant pregnancy symptom is not as significant as menstrual bleeding. This occurs due to implantation. It’s very important that the pregnancy be confirmed through a test. If there’s excessive bleeding while the test shows a positive result then the mother must consult with a gynecologist. This frequently occurs in the event of an embryo attaching itself into the wrong portion of the uterus. Such a situation may give rise to complications.

Women often experience extreme fatigue and restlessness in the first part of their pregnancy. This is again a pregnancy symptom that could be extremely confusing. It is exactly like any other form of fatigue that the body experiences due to stress and exhaustion. The cramping of the uterus, due to after exercising or experiencing an orgasm, maybe recognized as an early indication of pregnancy.

How can I know for sure that I am pregnant in the first one month?

There is no way of knowing for sure that you’re pregnant in the first one month. Most of the early signs of pregnancy can be misleading.

Following the discovery of the early signs of pregnancy and a positive test result, you need to be cautious about all that you do. Giving up, or, at least slowly cutting down on smoking and alcohol become extremely important. Special attention must be paid to diet.

It’s imperative that extreme caution is exercised throughout the period of pregnancy. The earlier you know about your pregnancy the better equipped you are to focus on the healthy development of your child. Tracking and being able to spot the early signs of pregnancy is then important.

Did you know this about grapefruit?

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Grapefruits can make great corporate executive gifts!

Was it because it was just there or was it part of your normal diet plan as you are worried about keeping your good health?

For those who have consumed a grapefruit at least once then you might be one who cares about your personal wellness. And. Should you eat fresh grapefruits and other citrus regularly then I would dare to say that you care about your own health and wellbeing. This clinic is commendable and is a boon to your body. Grapefruits have many vitally essential nutrients your body needs in addition to the high content of Vitamin C. You could be lacking a lot of nutrients if you are not getting your daily intake of grapefruit juice.

If you are not eating fresh grapefruits or ingesting Floridas’ 100% pure grapefruit juice, frequently then it could be time for you to pay a little more attention to your health. You must make it your business to add a great nutrition plan in your daily diet so you can be in tip top shape mentally and physically daily.

According to recent past statistics, obesity is a huge problem in the USA and around the world. Eating Grapefruit has been known to burn fat off your body and slim and trim your body. Grapefruit diets and any type of consumption would be a smart move to get in better physical shape but you have to be consistent with it so you can see positive results.

The most current Obesity Statistics shows that USA Obesity Rates have attained Epidemic Proportions.

o 58 Million Overweight; 40 Million Obese; 3 Million morbidly Obese
O Eight out of 10 over 25 year olds are Overweight
o 78 percent of American’s not meeting basic level activity recommendations
o 25% completely Sedentary
o 76% increase in Type II diabetes in adults 30-40 yrs old since 1990

Let us curb this obesity problem by preparing a campaign in your community community to eat fresh grapefruits daily. Challenge your neighbors and friends and family to see who will take off the maximum weight by the need of a certain period. Make it fun!

Better still compose a letter to your congressman or town council man to proclaim the month of February to be the National Grapefruit Month. Be excited about it. Make it a big issue. Talk about it among your friends, family, neighbors etc.. But. Also send out your corporate executive gifts of grapefruits to people concerned.

There are a number of ways to get the benefits of grapefruit. Visit the website in the resource box and you will never run out of ideas. You will get a lover of grapefruits and all the family of citrus since they contribute tremendously to your whole health.

If you don’t wish to eat it by itself, then you can add the pulp and sections or pegs to your salads, cakes, sorbets, sauces, and cocktails and more. The possibilities are endless!

You can be creative and enjoy fresh grapefruit in a variety of ways. . Below are a few suggestions for you to engross yourself in a joyous feast of grapefruits with your meals throughout the day, every day.

O Add the sections of fresh grapefruit to your favorite salads.
O Add a few to broiled or grilled fish or poultry.
O Add fresh grapefruit sections into your gelatin salad.
O Sprinkle some brown sugar and cinnamon over sugar and bring to a bubbly broil. This makes a great side dish at breakfast–with your ham and pork or favorite dessert.
O Insert fresh grapefruit juice and healthy marinade and or basting liquid when you are having baked fish or chicken. Squeeze a little juice over vegetables rather than using butter or salt and you’ll be thrilled of the flavor.
O Make a decorative platter of fresh grapefruit sections and ripe avocado slices with a bit of sweet French dressing of your choice.

So, take an active role in promoting better health in your home, local community and get your neighborhood civic organization involved–State, County, City, Town and other associations –with eating more grapefruits. They make great corporate gifts baskets. SEE SAMPLE OF A PROCLAMATION to send to your elected official, mayor, congressman, governor etc.. At the site in the resource box. Be sure to send some grapefruits to your officials as executive corporate gifts–as well.

Stress can kill

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We’ve all heard about anxiety: what causes it, what it does to us. But have you really thought about the stressors in your life? And have you developed healthy habits for managing stress?

Today’s article will provide you a brief history about how stress affects our brain and body and then give you practical choices for de-stressing and managing the stress that’s part of most everyone’s life. I remember being 9 years old and hearing Norman Vincent Peale say that’ the only people who don’t have problems (stress) are those lying at the cemetery’. Stress is an inherent part of life.

Our nervous systems are intended to keep us alive and safe. In cave men days, we might encounter a wild animal who was among our predators. We’re intended to’fight’ or’flee’ when a predator threatens us. In other words, our brains release neurochemicals that make us fast (so we could run away from the predator – flee) and strong (so we could fight and kill our predator). This explosion of’stress hormones’ as we now refer to them will be instantaneous, and then go away quickly as the need disappears.

Think of the adrenal rush you feel when you nearly have a car accident. You don’t need to consider releasing the adrenal gland, it happens automatically once you feel threatened by an oncoming vehicle. It makes you more alert and speeds up your response time so that you can safely avoid the accident. And then, it goes off very quickly after the episode and you relax.

In our society we rarely encounter real predators that threaten our lives. Instead we confront chronic’stressors’ that activate the same’fight or flight’ response that a predator could activate. And instead of going away quickly, the stress hormones remain high in our systems almost always. These same stress hormones that work so well to help us survive in a dangerous situation become a danger to our health when they remain chronically high.

Stress hormones are released when: you feel pressured by time, always in a hurry with too much to do; you have arguments with your spouse, children or your boss; you don’t have sufficient cash; you worry about your health; you are exposed to toxins in your food and environment; you get frustrated dealing with bureaucracy; you lay in bed at night (when you should be relaxed) with your ideas racing about all the things you will need to get done. Phew! It’s stressful merely to think about these things.

ACTION How to counter these ever present sources of stress in your life

You need to understand how important managing your anxiety is to your health and make it a priority. Recall being chronically stressed is deadly! Identify the sources of stress in your life. Look at the chronic stresses in particular that never get solved or that recur regularly.

Look for ways to change the stressful circumstances. By way of instance, if your job is extremely stressful, make adjustments that facilitate the stress, and speak with your boss about options for change. If this does not work, start searching for a less stressful job situation. Your life depends upon it.

Understand how you react to stress and to learn to manage your response. Do you feel overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, stressed, or hopeless? Different people will react differently to the same stressor. Some people become very angry at seemingly minor things while others never seem to get angry. Remember the name of Richard Carlson’s book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

Pay attention to your own thoughts. Should you worry constantly, you will be in a continuous survival mode. Stress and anger release stress hormones. Learn how to manage your thoughts. Replace worry or negative thinking with calm, positive thoughts.

Learn and practice daily meditation. This calms the mind and the body and will help to reduce the level of stress hormones in the body. Many meditations focus on the breath. By regulating your breathing you indirectly regulate your stress hormones. It works!

Exercise regularly. Find an exercise that you enjoy and fit it in everyday. While you’re exercising, watch your thoughts. If you spend the entire time feeling angry about something and running it over and over in your head, you will negate a few of the benefits of the exercise.

Talk to someone about how you are feeling. Don’t try to do it all alone. When you discuss your feelings with someone else you’ll feel better. And they may have some excellent suggestions for helping you de-stress.

Get some help. Design your life so you are doing just those things that only you can do. For instance, if you’re in business, focus on serving your customers and attracting more clients and nothing else. Get an assistant to answer the telephone, manage your emails, do the bookkeeping, etc.. In the home, get some cleaning aid, use Stop and Shop Peapod to get your groceries delivered to your home, and hire someone to mow your yard. You get the idea.

Eat a healthy diet on a regular schedule. Don’t skip meals. Make sure you are getting all the nutrients your body has to handle stress. Eat organic foods whenever possible to reduce your toxic load. Eat only the calories you will use up daily.

Nurture yourself. Get a good night’s sleep. Relax in a hot bath or hot tub. Read a good book. Watch a favorite movie. Listen to some relaxing or cheerful music. Go out to dinner with a few friends. Play a game with your kids. Sing. Watch a fantastic comedian. Get outside and let nature rejuvenate you.

A therapist can help you understand yourself better and help you explore options for changing the stressful situation and how you react to stress. They will help you manage your thoughts and feelings.

Experiencing chronic pain is quite stressful and puts the body in survival mode. If necessary get expert help for pain control. Toughing it out may be more harmful than you think.

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback on brainwaves that teaches your mind to regulate itself better. It’s approved by the FDA for stress management. Read my next newsletter to find out how to’Change Your Mind’ so you aren’t stuck in a non-productive, stressful thinking pattern.